Doctoral Dissertations Supervised

Gregory Bryda, Tree, Vine, and Herb: Vegetal Themes and Media in Late Gothic Germany (Yale University, 2016). ~~ Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong (2017-18); Assistant Professor, Barnard College (2018-)

Stephanie Luther, Gifts and Giving in Architectural Sculpture of the Holy Roman Empire, ca. 1150-1235 (Yale University, 2015) ~~ Winner of the 2016 International Research Prize from the European Romanesque Center in Merseburg

Margaret Hadley, Yale University (written under Prof. Walter Cahn): The Yale Missal (Beinecke MS 425): Mendicant Spirituality and a Vernacular Mass Book from the Fouquet Circle (2007)

Christopher Lakey, University of California-Berkeley (co-sponsored with Whitney Davis): Relief in Perspective: Italian Medieval Sculpture and the Rise of Optical Aesthetics (2009)~~ Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Kristina Potuckova, Yale University. Dissertation on liturgical arts of female monasticism in Germany (in progress as of Spring 2019)

Katherine Werwie, Yale University. Dissertation on sculpted wooden doors of the 12th-14th centuries (in progress as of Spring 2019)

Anabelle Gambert-Jouan, Yale University. Dissertation on sculpted Deposition groups in Italy and Spain (in progress as of Spring 2018)

Michelle Oing, Yale University. Dissertation on puppets, reliquaries, and moveable sculptures (in progress as of Spring 2015)

Dennis Lyle Dechant, Yale University: dissertation on performance and audience in the Manesse Codex (in progress as of Fall 2013)

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