Ivies+ Discovery Day

Monday, April 27th 2015 at Yale University


Our guest wifi network is called YaleGuest.

    1) Connect to YaleGuest with your device.
    2) Click “I agree” when a browser page with terms of use information appears.

Additional: Eduroam


Session Notes:
There are collaborative docs available for each session.
ETA: See Agenda page for finalized session notes!


Restrooms are located off the lobby.
Take a right when leaving the meeting room, heading towards the lobby.
Once in the lobby and past the cafeteria, look to the left- you will see signs for restrooms.

Should you need an outlet for charging your device(s), there are power strips located just outside the meeting room, underneath the bench seating.


Do you need a ride to your hotel/train station after the conference ends?

Sign up at the registration table and we’ll call a cab for you!