Ivies+ Discovery Day

Monday, April 27th 2015 at Yale University

The goal of Discovery Day is to create a community among the librarians working to implement, evaluate, support, and teach discovery services.   This meeting is the first step towards building a community of experience, expertise, and practice that can serve as a system-agnostic Discovery User Group.


Questions? Suggestions?  Contact us!

Jenn Nolte [jenn.nolte at yale.edu]

Angela Sidman [angela.sidman at yale.edu]


Consider joining the ivies_discovery listserv for further discussion up to and following Discovery Day:
[note – this list is moderated]



Special thanks to the Program Planning Committee!

Katie Bauer, Yale

Emily Daly, Duke

Melanie Maksin, Yale

Steelsen Smith, Yale

Kalee Sprague, Yale

Sarah Tudesco, Yale

Sarah Witte, Columbia