We Still Remain Conference for Southeast Indigenous Scholarship

Summer Sutton (Lumbee) was one of the speakers at the We Still Remain Conference: Promoting Southeast Indigenous Research, Scholarship, and Collaboration that took place on March 25-26, 2021.The conference was held over zoom but was hosted by the University of Arizona and the University of North Carolina Pembroke.

For more information about the conference, please visit the conference website.


Indigenous Knowledge Sharing Spaces in the state of NY

Summer Sutton (PhD ’21) visited several cultural centers and museums representing Indigenous communities across the state of New York. The images and information from these visits are added to the Indigenous Space website as part of an ongoing research project: www.IndigenousSpace.org

By mapping formalized spaces of Indigenous knowledge sharing, the website aims to re-frame Indigenous Architecture as a communicative tool between people and their environments. Spaces designed and dedicated to pass on Indigenous knowledge continue to connect the past with the present, formalize communicative identities, and foster a relationship with ancestral land.

ISAPD contributes the work of Rina Swentzell and Chris Cornelius to Paprika!

ISAPD contributes the work of Rina Swentzell and Chris Cornelius to be included in Paprika! Vol. 04, Issue 15 Ca(non).

“This issue puts into question the architecture ‘canon,’ a term that is often used but not explicitly defined. Our intention is neither to define nor defy it but instead to address the implications of the term on what is taught, how architecture is practiced, and who gets recognized. In this issue, we deliberately bring to the foreground resources that represent architecture’s historic and contemporary heterogeneity. This acknowledgment is necessary in reflecting the larger shift towards diversifying architectural pedagogy and the imperatives of contemporary practice.”


Designing a Manhattan Dwelling with respect for Indigenous Sensibilities

Anjelica Gallegos (MArch I ’21) presents a visual acknowledgment of Indigenous land for her graduate design studio with Prof. Trattie Davies. The project utilizes Indigenous sensibilities of environmental conditions to inform the design of a contemporary dwelling in the center of Manhattan.


For more information on the Lenape presence in NYC today:


Chris Cornelius meets with ISAPD

Chris Cornelius, Associate Professor at the School of Architecture & Planning at the University of Wisconsin, gave a talk about his work at the Yale School of Architecture on February 21, 2019. His research and practice focuses on the architectural translation of culture and in American Indian culture in particular. He is the founding principal of studio:indigenous, a design and consulting practice serving American Indian clients.