Landscape Architecture Magazine Features ISAPD Work

Check out the September issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine with a feature by Jonathan Lerner on Anjelica S. Gallegos’ research and work on the 1913 National American Indian Memorial on Staten Island. The work was furthered during the Center for Architecture (AIANY) Lab Residency.

April 2022 Contents

Model Competition Winners Announced

The Indigenous Scholars of Architecture, Planning, and Design (ISAPD) and competition guest juror Phillip Benitez Gallegos, Jr. are pleased to present the winners of the Indigenous Futurism Model-Making Competition. The winners are separated into two categories, Handmade and Mechanical, and an overall competition honorable mention.
Read more details about their projects on the Center For Architecture Website Linked Below!


Winner: Rigid Flexibility by Anne Chen

Honorable Mention: 3 by Ying Chang


Winner: APUTI by Sangeetha Othayoth and Sindhu Sriram

Honorable Mention: Mirage by Mo Wang


R. KOA.XYZ by Violeta Ayala

ISAPD Interviews Lenape Center Executive Director Joe Baker

Summer Sutton, Co-founder of the Indigenous Scholars of Architecture, Planning and Design (@ISAPD_Yale), speaks with Joe Baker, Co-founder and Executive Director of the @lenapecenter, about @BKSKArchitects‘s design of a future building for the Lenape community in Inwood Park as well as the firm’s popular renovation of Tammany Hall in New York and how it draws on Lenape symbolism.

The interview is part of ISAPD’s Center for Architecture residency.

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ISAPD Interviews Indigenous Leader Regis Pecos of Cochiti Pueblo

As part of the Natural Resources and Government Policy section of the Center for Architecture residency, ISAPD had the distinct pleasure of interviewing tribal elder Regis Pecos.

Regis Pecos, a citizen of Cochiti Pueblo, has served as Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and as Tribal Councilmen of Cochiti Pueblo for over 30 years. Pecos made history as the first Native American trustee in the Ivy League when he was appointed a Princeton Trustee in 1997. For 16 years, he served as the Executive Director of the New Mexico Office of Indian Affairs. Pecos was the former Chief of Staff to the speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives and former Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs for the Office of the Majority Floor Leader. Over 20 years ago, Pecos founded, and is currently the Co-Director of, the Leadership Institute at Santa Fe Indian School, a think tank for Native youth unique for its culturally-sensitive and community-based approaches that consider and transform the impacts of externally-developed policy on tribal community institutions.

Read the moving interview on the Center for Architecture website!

Center for Architecture + ISAPD Collaborate on a K-12 Architecture at Home Workshop

As part of the Center for Architecture’s K-12 program offerings, ISAPD co-hosted a workshop with children of all ages to delve into how we will live in the future.

What can we learn from the past to help guide us? In this workshop, we looked back to the very first homes ever built here by Native American tribes. These green builders used local, natural materials to create dwellings that were well-suited to the climate and their lifestyles, keeping our built and natural environments in balance. Let these inspire your own designs for a home of the future that carries these ideals into the next century!

About Architecture at Home
Learn more about architecture and design from the comfort of your own home with these free, live, online workshops led by Center for Architecture educators. Each 45-minute session explores an architectural topic through virtual tours, interactive lessons and discussions, and gets kids started on a design project they can complete on their own with simple at-home materials. See more Architecture at Home events here.

Guest Judge Invited for Indigenous Futurism Model Making Competition

Phillip Benitez Gallegos Jr.Phillip Benitez Gallegos, Jr. is a licensed architect in Colorado and New Mexico. He practices architecture and urban design and has run a construction company. Gallegos attended the University of Notre Dame, where he earned a professional Bachelor of Architecture degree, and the University of Colorado, where he earned a Master of Architecture in Urban Design. At the University of Hawaii at Manoa, he earned an Architecture Doctorate and was designated a visiting scholar.

Gallegos retired with the rank of Associate Professor of Architecture, tenured, at the University of Colorado Denver. He is the author of the school’s Design Build Certificate program and served as study abroad coordinator to Central America, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Rome. He is also the founding Program Director for the BS Architecture program, which has seen substantial growth since launching in 2013. Gallegos has taught at the University of Hawaii and the University of New Mexico, where he served as the director of the Design Planning Assistance Center and a design build studio instructor.

His professional interests include building technologies, structural engineering for architects, and designing in stressed environments. His research interests are in open electronic platforms for online education and the Spanish influences and regulations in the built environment of the Southwest US and Central America. He has also contributed to a book publication, Enduring Legacies: Ethnic Histories and Cultures of Colorado, and has presented papers on design-build in Santiago, Chile, and Singapore.

Indigenous Futurism will serve as the overarching theme of ISAPD’s residency at the Center for Architecture

What is Indigenous Futurism?

Indigenous Futurism will serve as the overarching theme of ISAPD’s residency. Indigenous Futurism envisions narratives and environments—built and natural—to realize architectural sovereignty, guided by the lenses of technology, alternative worlds, science fiction, and studies of temporality. Speculative design projects within the theme of Indigenous Futurism help us to think critically about tradition, revolution, and reconstructive practices in our built environments.

Throughout their residency, ISAPD will explore architectural sovereignty through the lenses of technology, alternative worlds, science fiction, and temporality. Sutton and Gallegos will seek the expertise of Indigenous leaders to determine best practices in designing for Indigenous communities, while highlighting architectural designs by Indigenous architects to provide a foundation for analysis of contemporary architectural issues unique to Indigenous communities. ISAPD will also examine the cultural center as an integral resource in the preservation of Indigenous lifeways.

Natural Resources + Government Policy, Mapping + Urbanism + Community, Virtual + Augmented Reality, will serve as the sub-categories ISAPD will focus on during the residency.

Read ISAPD’s first article of the residency on the Center for Architecture website!

Native Astronomy and Spatial Resonance: Aligning with the Cosmos – Dr.Greg Cajete

On April 15th, 2021, Dr.Greg Cajete shared his lecture “Native Astronomy and Spatial Resonance: Aligning with the Cosmos”, at the Yale School of Architecture, as a collaborative effort between the Indigenous Scholars of Architecture, Planning and Design (ISAPD) and the M.E.D Working Group for Anti-Racism. See the lecture below.