See below for course evaluations at Yale, sample course material, and evaluations from courses taught prior to Yale.

Course Evaluations as a Yale Professor

In the interest of full-disclosure, raw survey results are given below.

Sample Course Material

Courses Taught as a Rutgers Graduate Student

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Semester Course Number Role
Fall 2016 Problem solving seminar 491 Facilitator
Spring 2016 Undergraduate honors seminar 492 Facilitator
Fall 2015 Linear algebra 250 02, 15 Online TA
Fall 2015 Problem solving seminar 491 Facilitator
Summer 2015 Probability 477 B1 Instructor
Spring 2015 Calculus I (for non-majors) 135 50, 51, 52 TA
Fall 2014 Math for liberal arts majors (honors)
Slides from MathFest presentation
103 H Instructor
Summer 2014 Calculus I (for majors) 151 C1 Instructor
Spring 2014 Calculus III 251 5, 6, 7 TA
Fall 2013 Linear algebra (with MATLAB) 250 C2 Instructor
Summer 2013 Calculus II 152 C2 Instructor
Spring 2013 Linear algebra 250 11 Instructor
Fall 2012 Calculus I (for majors) 151 36, 37, 38 TA

Young Scholars Program

Annual high school summer math program at Rutgers. Evaluations not available.

Semester Course Role
Summer 2017 Algorithms and complexity theory Instructor
Summer 2016 Algorithms and complexity theory Instructor
Summer 2015 Probability Instructor