About me

I’ve moved!  Starting fall 2022, I am no longer working at Yale University, as I have taken a position at Swarthmore College.  My new academic email address is pdevlin2 [then-put-the-at-sign-here] swarthmore .edu.  Thanks to everybody at Yale for the fun handful of years, and I wish you all the best!  🙂


I was hired at Yale as a Gibbs Assistant Professor of Mathematics in fall 2017. My research interests are in discrete math and theoretical computer science with a particular focus on probabilistic and extremal combinatorics. This semester (fall 2021), I am teaching math 225 (linear algebra), and all course material is available through canvas. I also run the Putnam seminar, which meets every Wednesday from 4pm to 6:30pm (ET). All are warmly welcome to attend to learn more about math, hang out with cool people, and have fun!

This semester, I’m also excited to be partnering with our student math groups to run Pat’s Cats Power Hour!, which is a just-for-funzies mathy-social gathering meeting weekly on Fridays.  Cats, friends, and games will all be there.  See YUMS emails for session links [you can sign up for YUMS emails here]

Here’s a copy of my CV (fall 2021)

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