The Fall 2018 winner of the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning workshop award, Project-Based Language Teaching and Learning is held at Yale Center for Language Study on October 25 – 26, 2019.


Angela Lee-Smith (Yale); Joowon Suh (Columbia); Meejeong Song (Cornell)


This workshop focuses on a pedagogical issue across languages: project-based learning (PBL). The keynote session will present informative and practical guidelines to help the participants explore the principles and benefits of PBL for language teaching and learning in higher education settings. Next, the workshop panel of lightning talks will showcase various projects that language colleagues designed, implementing a range of pedagogical approaches and purposes, and are currently using in their language classrooms. To highlight practical applications, the workshop will facilitate in-depth discussion and hands-on group work to enable participants to develop/refine their own projects, based on their interests and curriculum. Finally, the workshop will invite the participants to collaboratively contribute to build the online project repository through the consortium platform and share their projects with language teaching practitioners.