Too Much Stuff? Here Is Why You Should Declutter

We collect a lot of stuff over the years. Yet, we probably only regularly use about twenty percent of the items that we have in our homes. The rest of our belongings pile up in boxes and cupboards and take up space. Decluttering is not just for people who want to go ‘full Marie Kondo’ and completely change their lives. There are many practical benefits to decluttering; here are some of them.

Free Your Space

The primary reason to declutter your house is to give yourself more space. Americans, with our big properties, often wonder how people like the Japanese can live in tiny apartments. But you will be surprised how spacious and comfortable your space can be when you keep your belongings minimal and tidy. Instead of buying larger and larger houses, try to have less and less stuff. Keeping your items neat and organized will likewise free up more room in your living environment.

Clear Your Mind

It is no secret that clutter can negatively affect your mental health. When you have mountains of unwashed laundry or dirty takeaway boxes piling up in the sink, you are constantly reminded of the chores that you have failed to complete. This adds stress to your life. Furthermore, unused items that face you at every turn can make you feel guilty for not making full use of the money that you spent. Instead of letting clutter become a perpetual feature on your mental to-do list, clean it up and clear your mind.

Improve Your Health and Safety

Clutter can decrease the air quality in a home. Accumulated items can attract dust, mold, and insects, increasing the incidence of allergies and respiratory problems. If you have more possessions than you can neatly store away, your belongings may also cause an accident. Tall piles of boxes are prone to fall over and items left haphazardly around the home can be a tripping risk. In addition, piles of magazines and old clothes can block fire escape routes and become a fire risk themselves.

Be More Productive

Studies have found that clutter in the workplace not only increases stress but it leads to emotional exhaustion, indecision, lower productivity, and less job satisfaction. This, in turn, leads back to more clutter and procrastination. Recent studies have included remote workers, showing that the damaging effects of clutter on productivity extend to home offices as well. Therefore, aim to break the cycle by cleaning up your workspace. An organized office will also enable you to find the items that you need more efficiently.

Help Others (and Maybe Make Money)

We often have much more than we need. However, many others struggle to have the necessities. When decluttering your home, you can donate unwanted items and help the people who really need them. Look for local shelters that may need your extra clothes or appliances. Sometimes, collectors may be searching for the items that you have been casually storing. If you have outgrown your collectibles, sell them on eBay or in a garage sale and you may make a pretty penny.

Get Ready for a Move

If you are planning to move, decluttering is not merely an option. You do not want to move boxes upon boxes of unnecessary clutter from one home to the next. Moving is a great motivator for you to finally clear out the basement or attic. A new home is a perfect place to start living a more minimal lifestyle as well. If you have large family heirlooms or furniture that you are not ready to part with, consider hiring a storage unit to safely store them out of the way until you have settled in your new space.

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