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Friday, April 27th

10am-12pm  – Opening Remarks & Panel I: Theories of Representation (I)

Discussant/Chair: Rohit De

  • Jaby Mathew, “Challenging Unfitness: Some Ideas of Political Representation in Nineteenth Century India”
  • Tejas Parasher, “Dadabhai Naoroji and the Theory of ‘Living Representation’”
  • Mohinder Singh, “Conceptualization of ‘the People’ and Political Representation in Hindi Political Discourse: Early 20th Century”

1pm-3pm – Panel II: Populism and Publicity

Discussant/Chair: Paula Chakravartty

  • Srirupa Roy, “Lineages of Populism: Outsider Politics and the Long 1970s in India”
  • Frank Cody, “Media Involution: Metamorphoses of Popular Politics in Tamil India”
  • Vivek Yadav, “Secret Ballot and the Sphere of Electoral Publicity”

3:30-5:30pm – Panel III: Identity and Representation

Discussant/Chair: Karuna Mantena

  • Rochana Bajpai, “What Do Descriptive Representatives describe? Minority Representative Claims in the 2014 Election Campaign”
  • Pratap Bhanu Mehta, “Paradoxes of Identity and Representation in India”
  • M. Madhava Prasad, “Prospects for Self-Representation: On Citizenship and Identity”

Saturday, April 28th

10am-12pm – Panel IV: Popular Sovereignty, Parties, Violence

Discussant/Chair: Partha Chatterjee

  • Ruchi Chaturvedi, “From Popular Sovereignty to Parliamentary Victories: A Brief History of Violence”
  • Lucia Michelutti, “Circuits of Protection and Extortion: Popular Sovereignty in a Provincial North Indian Town”
  • David Gilmartin, “Representation and the Will of the Voters: Factions, Political Parties and the Law of Defections”

1pm-3pm – Panel V: Theories of Representation (II)

Discussant/Chair: Sudipta Kaviraj

  • Uday Mehta, “Gandhi’s Ambivalence Towards Representation”
  • Madhav Khosla, “Ideas of Representation before Independence”
  • Hari Ramesh, “B.R. Ambedkar and the Means and Ends of Dalit Representation”

3:30-6:00pm – Panel VII: Representation and Marginalization

Discussant/Chair: Ward Berenschot

  • Amit Ahuja, “Voice without Choice: How Parties of the Marginalized Succeed and Fail in Representing Them”
  • Sarah Khan, “Personal is Political: Prospects for Women’s Substantive Representation in Pakistan”
  • Udit Bhatia, “Public Office Qualifications: Why Disparate Impact Matters”
  • Carole Spary,“Women and democratic representation in contemporary India: reflections on achievements and challenges”
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