About me

Roman KucRoman Kuc

Professor of Electrical Engineering
School of Engineering & Applied Science
Yale University

15 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06524-8284

Email:  roman.kuc@yale.edu
Web: campuspress.yale.edu/romankuc


Roman Kuc (“Koots”) received the BSEE from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, and the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, New York, NY.

He began his engineering career at Bell Laboratories where he investigated efficient digital speech coding techniques. As a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University, he applied digital signal processing to diagnostic ultrasound signals to characterize liver disease. He joined the Department of Electrical Engineering at Yale where as the Director of the Intelligent Sensors Laboratory he is pursuing research in biomimetic sensors for robotics and bioengineering.

Professor Kuc has published over 200 papers in the areas of digital signal processing, robotics, and biomimetic sonar sensing. He is the author of four text books, most recently Electrical Engineering in Context and The Digital Information Age, and co-author with Lindsay Kleeman of the Sonar chapter in the second edition of the Springer Handbook of Robotics. He is the recipient of an honorary Doctorate from the Hlushkov Cybernetics Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, a member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, a fellow of the Shevchenko Scientific Society, an honorary Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, the first recipient of the Yale Sheffield Distinguished Teaching Award, and a recipient of a IEEE Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing Society Paper Award.