Quantum Sensing for High Energy Physics

The goal of this workshop is to explore the most promising directions for applying quantum sensing technologies to DOE-OHEP science targets, with a focus on sensors that could be deployed in future DOE-funded experiments.  It is meant to be a working meeting, and participation is by invitation only. There is a hybrid town hall on the afternoon of April 27 that is open to the wider community for input.

While we will provide an overview of existing DOE-OHEP quantum sensing programs for context, the workshop’s main emphasis will be on novel ideas that can form the foundation of new DOE-OHEP quantum sensing programs or possibly to significantly enhance current programs. The goal is to pinpoint areas where DOE-OHEP can have a unique impact, leveraging its people, technological capabilities, and facilities. We are particularly interested in identifying new research directions not currently covered by existing funding sources and which could benefit the DOE-OHEP mission.

Workshop organizers: Reina Maruyama (Yale), Aaron Chou (Fermilab), Kent Irwin (Stanford)

This workshop is open to invited participants.  Please contact Reina Maruyama for more information.