Queer people of color are beautiful folk disproportionately affected by transphobia, sexism, racism, and homophobia – to name a few. Often, we have to move through spaces where our identities are constantly questioned, and succeeding in our professional goals can sometimes mean hiding part of ourselves. Many of us struggle to find role-models that reflect our complex mix of identities. All of this is particularly true in traditional institutions of higher education. QPOC Affinity is a move to self-empower each other by coming together and sharing in our experiences. 

QPOC Affinity seeks to provide safe spaces for queer people of color to hang out, enjoy each other’s excellence, learn from one another, and collectively build community. It is a work in progress that aims first to bring QPOC folk together within the Yale community and the greater New Haven area. The tabs above provide resources on QPOC visibility, news, health, events, and support networks.

In partnership with the Yale Office of LGBTQ resources, QPOC Affinity will be holding two bi-monthly events open to the community. The first is a regular happy hour on the fourth Thursday of the month, when classes are in session. The second is an evening of QPOC film screenings, discussions, and/or speaker events. These will be announced here.

Please submit any contributions, comments, and concerns to yaleqpoc@gmail.com. This is a community project; the only way we will find empowerment is through one another.

Above all, love each other.

QPOC Affinity.

QPOC listserv

QPOC Facebook page

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