Archival Processing Work at Manuscripts and Archives, April-July 2021

The following information on recent archival processing work at Manuscripts and Archives (MSSA) was written by Alison Clemens, Head of Processing.

MSSA processing staff have begun to transition back to regular onsite work in the Sterling Memorial Library (SML) building and have therefore processed both traditional and born-digital archival materials (i.e., materials that were created in computer environments) over the past three months. Since my last quarterly processing update post in April, MSSA staff have made available the several collections and additions to existing collections, including:

New collections

Yale Egyptological Institute in Egypt, Yale University, Records (RU 1158)

The collection consists of approximately 4 linear feet of photographs of the Church of Saint Shenoute (White Monastery) taken in Sohag, Egypt in 2006 and 2007. Digital copies of the photographs are accessible to members of the Yale community:

East Asian Languages and Literatures, Yale University, Records (RU 1167)

Administrative files, faculty files, and two scrapbooks of news clipping and ephemera (totaling 8 linear feet) from the Institute of Far Eastern Languages (IEFL), an affiliated organization of the Yale University Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures.

Stephen Kellert Papers (MS 2104)

The collection, totaling 3.83 linear feet, comprises the papers of social ecologist and Yale University faculty member Stephen Kellert. The papers cover his career from the late 1960s through the 2010s with the bulk of material from the late 1970s through the 2000s. The papers include Kellert’s extensive writings and lectures on the “biophilia hypothesis” documenting humans’ social attitudes and relationships with nature. Kellert’s papers include surveys, research studies, design proposals, and writings for academic and general audiences.

Love Makes a Family Political Action Committee Records (MS 2106)

The collection, totaling approximately half a linear foot, primarily consists of questionnaires created by the Love Makes a Family Political Action Committee sent to political candidates in Connecticut to assess their positions on marriage equality and other LGBT rights issues. The collection also contains correspondence, committee files, meeting minutes, and information on the committee’s political endorsements.

Additions to or portions of existing collections

Accession 2019-M-0031 Michael Ivanovitch Rostovtzeff Papers (MS 1133)

This accession contains an album of photographs of Michael Ivanovitch Rostovtzeff’s family before he immigrated to the United States from Russia in 1918, and a CD of scanned photographs from the album.

Accession 2020-M-0021 of the Charles Hill Papers (MS 2070)

This series, totaling 2.17 linear feet, includes Charles Hill’s correspondence, course materials, research files, and his published and unpublished writings between 2007 and 2020. Material in this series reflects Hill’s teaching and research interest in diplomacy and statecraft as well as his administrative duties at the Yale Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy. The files also contain materials related to his professional relationships with former United States secretaries of state Henry Kissinger and George Shultz.

Accession 2020-M-0023 of the G. Evelyn Hutchinson papers (MS 649)

This accession, totaling 0.25 linear feet, comprises pre-prints, correspondence, and research data related to Lake Huleh, Israel.

Accession 2020-M-0027 of the Robert P. Joyce Papers (MS 1901)

This series, totaling 0.25 linear feet, comprises autobiographical writings by Robert Joyce on a variety of topics, including Panama; Ernest Hemingway; Havana in the 1940s; Max Hayward; foreign service; and life in Spetsai, Greece. Also includes a page of a 1994 letter from Joyce to Wendy Hazard regarding Romania and the Volunteer Freedom Corps.

Accession 2020-M-0031 of the Edward Joseph Logue Papers (MS 959)

This series contains approximately 150 photographic prints from the 1940s through the 1990s. Most prints document Edward Logue’s professional and political life during this period. One folder of prints includes personal photographs taken during Logue’s youth, college years, and service in the Second World War. The photographic prints vary in size from 8×10 inches to 1×3 inches. Writing on the verso of many of the photographs provides additional information about the individuals and settings depicted.

Accession 2020-M-0033 of the Sylvanus Dyer Locke Papers (MS 327)

This accession, totaling 0.42 linear feet, comprises forty-five photographs of members of the Locke family, including Sylvanus Dyer Locke, Ellen Josephine Locke, Norman Walter Locke, Helen Locke Norman, John Parker Locke, Sylvanus Dyer Locke, Jr., Lilla Josephine Locke, Norman Wentworth Locke, “Virgil Parker, Brother of Mrs. S.D. Locke [Ellen Josephine Locke],” Helen Scott Locke, “Mamie (Sister of Helen G. Scott Locke),” and “Aunt Bess – John Scott’s mother, at East Lyme.” Photograph subjects also include Edwin P. Young, “The Three Johns – Grandpa Comstock, Uncle John Comstock, Uncle John Scott,” John Paul Young, Abram Baldwin, Plymat [?] Mattoon, Lewis Lauerbrei, and J.E. Gomez of Bogota Colombia, as well as several unidentified people. Also includes one silhouette image, 1957, of an unidentified person.

Accession 2021-M-0017 of the Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates Records (MS 1884)

Project records, correspondence, studies, photographs, scrapbooks, sketches, and drawings pertaining to more than thirty projects. This accession, totaling 446.5 linear feet, has been interfiled into the records.

Accession 2019-A-0003 of the Cambodian Genocide Program, Yale University, Records (RU 902)

This series, totaling 37.33 linear feet, comprises records of the Cambodian Genocide Program, 1941-2009. The material is restricted until January 1, 2045 by Yale University policy.

Accession 2004-M-087 of the Jane Roberts Papers (MS 1090)

Consists of copies of taped ESP class sessions taught by Jane Roberts. The tapes from which these compact discs were made were originally recorded by a variety of people. These compact discs fill in the missing dates of compact discs in Accession 2001-M-058.

Series VII: Computer disks, 1980-2007 of the Allen R. Maxwell Papers (MS 2017)

The series consists of born-digital material containing lexico-statistical analyses of the Syair Awang Simawn, a classical oral epic focused on the founding of Brunei. Maxwell analyses linguistic variations in six versions of the epic poem (A, B, C, D, E, and F), and studies the epic’s creation and significance. The material also includes diaries of Sir Hugh Low, a British administrator of the Malay Peninsula, and diaries relating to the Belaga District of Malaysia translated by Maxwell. Writings include a collection of Maxwell’s unpublished papers on anthropology and the Kadayan people, bibliographies of sources used in his research, and software used to analyze linguistic data relating to the kinship structures of Brunei and Sarawak people. Dates for the materials were determined by the files’ last modified date.

Accession 2009-A-124 of the Yale University Library Materials Concerning Events and Exhibits (RU 368)

1 DVD-R recording of a Yale University Library and Oxford University Press sponsored panel lecture on October 1, 2008 to celebrate the 80th birthday of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the comprehensive dictionary of the English language. The speakers were Fred Shapiro, Simon Winchester, Jesse Sheidlower, and Ammon Shea. Each brought unique and engaging insights to this discussion of the history, function and future of the dictionary.

Accessions 2004-A-096, 2007-A-186, 2008-A-102, and 2010-A-016 of the School of Architecture, Yale University, Records Concerning Events and Exhibitions (RU 886)

Born-digital materials documenting exhibitions at the Yale School of Architecture, 2003-2009.