• Work in Progress

  • ISMRM2023, J Xiang, J Lamy, M Qiu, DC Peters, In-Plane Balanced Phase-Contrast Steady-State Free Precession (PC-SSFP) for All-in-One Diastolic Function Evaluation (submitted)
  • ISMRM2023, J Xiang, J Lamy, G Galiana, DC Peters, Accelerated phase-contrast for diastolic function evaluation using k-t PCA methods (submitted)
  • ISMRM2023, J Lamy, J Xiang, F Seemann, RA Gonzales, S Huber, J Steele, E Heiberg, DC Peters, 2.5D Flow MRI: 2D phase-contrast of the tricuspid valvular flow with automated valve-tracking (submitted)

  • Siemens Framework for Image Reconstruction Environment (FIRE)



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