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Kenny Tung and Darwin Restrepo de la Cruz created a Yale Campus video.


Japanese program mascot: Tanuki-kun (by Philomena Wu san)


Tanukis (also known as racoon dogs or trash pandas) are known in Japanese folklore for being pranksters. Despite this, Tanuki-kun is a shy tanuki from Miyajima who wants to make new friends at Yale while sharing more about his culture. The small sprout on his head represents his eagerness to learn and grow as a student. Tanuki-kun’s favorite pastime is seeing how much food he can sneak out from different dining halls and cafes.


Placement test




We are now offering a Certificate of Advanced Language Study to students who have completed four Japanese courses beyond L4. At least two (2) of these courses must be Yale courses designated as L5; as many as two (2) may be advanced seminars taught in Japanese or L5-level courses taken elsewhere.

  • Courses must be taken for a grade (no Credit/D/Fail);
  • Grades must be B or above;
  • At the discretion of the certificate advisor, students may substitute credit-bearing academic study abroad taught in the target language;
  • At the discretion of the certificate advisor, one course conducted in the target language and at the appropriate advanced level may be counted. Qualifying courses might include independent study, graduate seminar, advanced seminar, or language across the curriculum.

Students who take the equivalent of L5 (or higher) courses outside of Yale—for example, as part of the Light Fellowship—would also be able to count up to two credits toward the certificate.

Students who would like to petition for the certificate should complete the “Yale College Declare Candidacy for a Certificate” form found at https://registrar.yale.edu/forms-petitions.

If you have any questions regarding the certificate, please contact the DUS, Prof Luke Bender at luke.bender@yale.edu.  



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