ethos of radical equality

There are no species on the island. Rather every living being is part of the equality between human, land, and creatures. So “existents” are what we call “persons” (human and nonhuman alike). Equity is central to our notion of equality. Rights, privileges, protections, and distributions therein are based on situated needs not blanket “equal” amounts of  everything. Radical equality sees individualism as at the root of inequality. So we have a more networked, relational understanding. This is embodied in the existent’s life cycle; we go through multiple species lifecycles and are thus constituted of all of them. 

We are more than one. We see things from multiple perspectives. Harm happens to all not one. This forms the basis for our ethos. 

This is not a world in which harm does not exist, but one that operates according to principles of restorative justice. Radical equality is a practice and not an end point: an unfinished and potentially unfinishable project. We constantly need to revise and critique the terms of equality. This is done through our Council of All Beings, a rotating form of governance that involves all existents, and gives all equal opportunity to speak and be heard. Communication is an exchange on equal terms. The Museum of Otherwise is part of this process of radical equality. It allows its visitors to develop an understanding of the island but also a call for advice from their own ‘human’ histories about how we might care for each other. 

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