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Publication: Oikos Blog

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Title: “Costs of living in a nest”



Publication: New Scientist


Title: “The father enigma: Why do nature’s devoted dads care?” 




Publication: LiveScience 

Title: “Daddy Longlegs Day Care Pays Off in Longer Life, More Sex” 



Publication: The New York Times

Tiitle: “Among certain arachnids single fathers attract more mates”



Publication: Lab Spaces

Title: “Single spider dads caring for eggs suffer no disadvantages despite parenting costs”



Publication: Agencia Fapesp

Title: ”Cuidar de ovos é tática de sedução e de sobrevivência para aracnídeo”

(In English: “Taking care for the eggs is a strategy of seduction and survival for arachnids”)



Publication: O Eco

Title: “Bicho que é esperto fica em casa cuidando da cria”

(In English: “Smart guys stay at home taking care for the offspring”)



Publication: Folha de Sao Paulo

 Title: “Para aracnídeo, vale a pena ser pai solteiro”

 (In English: “To arachnid, it worths to be a single father”)



.Publication: Veja Online

 Title: “Pais solteiros de espécie de aracnídeo vivem mais”

 (In English: “Single fathers in an arachind species live longer”)

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