Dear CASPY Community,

Welcome to the Chinese Adopted Siblings Program for Youth (CASPY) at Yale University! Our names are Nina Lin and Alicia Mazzurra, and we are thrilled to be CASPY co-coordinators for 2020! We were previously Big Siblings for CASPY and are incredibly excited to continue the CASPY legacy during our Yale years.

A joint project of the Chinese American Students Association (CASA) and the Taiwanese American Society (TAS), CASPY is a bi-annual cultural event held on Yale’s campus that seeks to inform Chinese adoptees and their parents about Chinese culture. Two times a year, in the spring and the fall, we invite you to join us for a full day of fun activities and events in our Kids, Teens, and Parent Programs.

Participating children are paired with Yale “Big Sibs” and placed into the Kids and Teens Programs. Highlights from past programs include Night Market with games and prizes, Calligraphy Workshop with Professor Su Wei, and different culinary activities with delicious food. Parents attend meaningful panels and discussions to connect with each other and to explore the multi-faceted topics surrounding adoption.

The date of CASPY Fall 2021 is to be announced. Please keep an eye on our email list for more information. Go to the “registration” page to sign up! CASPY Fall 2021 will be tentatively held in-person (depending on the state of CT Covid restrictions), and our team is currently working on making this event, virtual or in-person, as awesome as possible for everyone. 🙂

CASPY is a great opportunity for adoptees to connect to one another and learn more about Chinese culture and identity in a fun and relaxed setting. We strongly believe that early, positive exposure to Chinese culture and the Asian-American / Chinese Adoptee communities can be extremely formative. Plus, we guarantee that you will have fun!

We look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you so much for your support – it means so much to us.

Nina Lin and Alicia Mazzurra
CASPY Co-Coordinators 2021


Special thanks to:puppets

The Asian American Cultural Center for sponsoring us!