Tree plantation at Bejio village

1-planting alluaudia

New Mayor of Ankazombalala, Mr Soja, planting an Alluaudia stem

2-alluaudia reforestation Bejio

Community tree farming plot at Bejio

Firewood supply is one of major challenges for sustainability of earth salt production at Bezà Mahafaly. For their future needs, the association of salt producers manages a community tree farming plot at Bejio village. On January 23rd, the association members planted nearly 350 stems of native tree species (Alluaudia procera, Commiphora sp, Gyrocarpus americanus, and Pachypodium rutembergianium) that are recognized for their calorific quality and their fast growth. The new mayor of Ankazombalala, Mr. Soja, his secretary Nestor, the Bezà Mahafaly monitoring team and several other villagers, also participated in this reforestation activity.