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The Cowles Commission for Research in Economics was founded in Colorado Springs by Alfred Cowles (Phi-Yale University).  The Commission is dedicated to the pursuit of linking economic theory to mathematics and statistics, and the creation of a specific, probabilistic framework in estimating simultaneous equations to model an economy.  In 1939, the Commission moved to the University of Chicago and then, in 1955, to Yale University after the Commission received hostile opposition from the Department of Economics at the University of Chicago.  At least 11 Commission associates have won Nobel prizes for research done while at the Commission.  What is now known as the Cowles Foundation is located at 30 Hill House Avenue in New Haven, Connecticut.  In 1933, Brother Cowles helped found the Journal “Econometrica”.  He also launched an equity index that became today’s S&P 500.  Brother Cowles died on December 28, 1984 at age 93.

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