Research Papers and Manuscripts


2016. The Paradox of Traditional Leaders in Democratic Africa. Cambridge University Press. Available for purchase via Cambridge University Press and Amazon.

  • Review by Robert I. Rotberg for Choice Reviews
  • Review by Nicolas van de Walle for Foreign Affairs
  • Review [gated] by Michael Schatzberg for Political Science Quarterly
  • Review [gated] by Sarah Lockwood for Political Studies Review
  • Review [gated] by Dominika Koter for Journal of Modern African Studies
  • Review [gated] by Jeremy Speight for African Studies Review
  • Review by Petr Skalnik for Modern Africa
  • Critical Dialogue [gated] with Philip Roessler for Perspectives on Politics

Traditional Leaders and Democracy

2019. Traditional Political Institutions and Democracy: Reassessing their Compatibility and  Accountability (with Katharina Holzinger) Comparative Political Studies.  <Pre-Print> <Gated Copy >

2019. Elected MPs, Traditional Chiefs and Local Public Goods: Evidence on the Role of Leaders in Co-Production from Rural Zambia. Comparative Political Studies. <Pre-Print><Gated Copy > <Data>

2015. Elections and Collective Action: Evidence from Changes in Traditional Institutions in Liberia (with Eric Mvukiyehe) World Politics. <Pre-Print> <Gated Copy> <On-line Appendix>

2013. Why Vote with the Chief? Political Connections and Public Goods Provision in Zambia, American Journal of Political Science 57, 4. <Non-Gated Copy> <Gated Copy > <Data>

Ethnic Politics and Political Development

2014. When Politicians Cede Control of Resources: Chiefs, Land and Coalition-Building in Africa, Comparative Politics 46, 3. <Pre-Print> <Gated Copy> <Supplementary Information> <Data>

2010. Economic Versus Cultural Differences: Forms of Ethnic Diversity and Public Goods Provision (with John Huber) American Political Science Review 104, 4. <Non-Gated Copy > <Gated Copy > <Data>

Experimental Methods

2015. Ancillary Studies of Experiments: Opportunities and Challenges (with Rikhil Bhavnani) Journal of Globalization and Development 6, 1. <Non-Gated Copy> <Data>

Book Chapters and Other Writing

2019.  Traditional Leaders, Service Delivery and Electoral Accountability (with Pia Raffler), Decentralized Governance and Accountability: Academic Research and the Future of Donor Programming, Cambridge University Press.

2018. Critical Dialogue: Ethnic Politics and State Power in Africa: The Logic of the Coup-Civil War Trap & The Paradox of Traditional Chiefs in Democratic Africa. Perspectives on Politics 16, 1. <Gated Copy>

2016. Hereditary Rule in Democratic Africa: Reconciling Citizens and Chiefs, Growing Democracy in Africa: Elections, Accountable Governance and Political Economy, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

2011. Secondary Analyses of Experiments: Opportunities and Challenges (with Rikhil Bhavnani), APSA-CD: The Newsletter of the Comparative Democratization Section of the American Political Science Association, October.

2010. African Political Economy, Encyclopedia of Political Science, CQ Press.

2010. Zambia: One Party in Perpetuity? Democratization in Africa: Progress and Retreat, John Hopkins University Press.