Project Goals

The InterAsia Initiative is a collaborative multi-institutional group that aims to shift paradigms of how Asia is conceptualized by promoting collaborative research, scholarly networking, and public policy connections.

The main general goals of the InterAsia Project are:
1.  To develop a conprehensive, online, searchable scholars database
2.  To develop an updated project website for disseminating research
3.  To develop large international conferences that will reinforce and expand scholarly networks
4.  Gather and make available relevant resources for scholars

To obtain these goals, through our meetings during the  2013-2014 academic year, we worked on developing the idea of InterAsia as an analytic.

With the renewed support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York starting Fall 2016, Yale will focus on enhancing the capacities of their regional partners, as hubs of research to develop the further professional trajectories of graduate students and researchers.  Please see press release for full details.

With the Carnegie Corporation support, the project will undertake the following initiatives from 2015-2016:
1) A large international conference that will serve to cement existing scholars’ networks and expand the growing group of InterAsian scholars (~70-80).
2) Continued support for the Transregional Virtual Research Institute (TVRI), Media, Activism and the New Political. The TVRI will be expanded through the inclusion of additional researchers and a revised set of sub-themes of public importance across China, India, and the Arab World.
3) A fully-funded, 12-month, Postdoctoral Research position based at Yale’s MacMillian Center.  Click here for more details.
4) A series of workshops organized by and through Yale with a variety of partners in Asia and Europe, including research symposia that address the relationship between methodology and theorizing of Inter-Asia and that push research even further beyond simple comparative studies, on topics including Natural Disasters and Environmental Change across Asia, Asian Urbanization, and Humanitarian Activity and Transregional Development Projects.