Yale InterAsia Meetings


InterAsia Working Group and Colloquium
With the addition of the 2015-2016 Postdoctoral Associate, James Pickett, the Yale InterAsia Working Group has started their regular meetings.  The Yale InterAsia Working Group is a core working group consisting of post-graduate and graduate students from across different disciplines who meet regularly to workshop ongoing academic projects, conference papers, job talks, and fellowship applications pertinent to InterAsia themes.

Please contact graduate student Alyssa Paredes (alyssa.paredes@yale.edu)  and post-doctoral associate James Pickett (james.pickett@yale.edu) or  inter.asia@yale.edu for more information regarding the Yale InterAsia Working Group.



InterAsia Working Group and Colloquium
In the fall of 2014, the Yale InterAsia Working Group, a core working group consisting of graduate students from across different disciplines at Yale University, was established.  The primary goal of this working group is to build a sustainable community of scholars engaging with InterAsia research.

During the spring of 2015, three working group meeting events were held, including a GIS workshop with Abraham Parrish, GIS specialist at the Sterling Memorial Library Map Collection, in addition to two paper workshops where young scholars were able to discuss their ongoing research and papers.

In addition, on April 17, 2015, the organizing committee hosted a symposium “Traveling Agents, Connecting Currents“.  Over 30 attendees, including undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty were at this event.



Monthly General Meetings
Supported by the Council on East Asian Studies

Meeting I:  September 27, 2013
After an overview of the InterAsia Initiative and its history by Professor Helen Siu, we discussed several issues.
1.  Our goals for our meetings
2.  Planned fall event on Pan-Asian Pop, organized by PhD students in the Department of Anthropology
3.  Possibility of a spring event, tentatively on Disasters.

Meeting II:  October 21, 2013
Discussion on the concept of “InterAsia”
1.  InterAsia and area studies
2.  InterAsia as an analytic
3.  Methodologies
4.  How is Asia institutionalized

Meeting III:  November 12, 2013
1.  Report on planning of Pan-Asia Pop event
2.  Plans for future meetings
3.  Cultural Heritage postdoctoral writing group
4.  Ideas for spring Disasters event

Meeting IV:  December 04, 2013
1.  “Discourses of Disaster” spring event planned for April
2.  Cultural Heritage group meeting
3.  Brainstorming the concept of Inter-Asia
i.  Asia as process
ii.  InterAsia as an analytic
iii.  Use of historically grounded forms on analysis on global connections
iv.  Asia as an explanatory narrative or myth that people employ to realize                                 particular interests and aspirations
v.  Attend to the internal divides within assumed units of analysis in Asia
vi.  Where and when “Asia” begins and ends
vii.  Methodological issues

Meeting V:  April 25, 2014
1.  Presentation of InterAsia conference topics and trends by postdoctoral students
2.  Group discussion of applicability of InterAsia to our research, advice, and our hopes for       the future of the InterAsia Initiative at Yale University

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Cultural Heritage Writing Group Meetings
Supported by the Council on East Asian Studies

Meeting I:  November 14, 2013
1.  Discussion of meeting schedules and goals
2.  Presentation of preliminary paper ideas

Meeting II:  December 18, 2013
1.  Presentation and discussion of two paper abstracts
2.  Plans for next meeting


Postdoctoral Student Practice Job Talks
Supported by the Council on East Asian Studies

Meeting I:  February 7, 2014 (Ran Zwigenberg)

Meeting II:  Feburary 7, 2014 (Nathan Hopson)

Meeting III:  February 21, 2014 (Chika Watanabe)