Research in progress

“Sovereign Debt and Structural Reforms.”

With Andreas Mueller and Kjetil Storesletten.
This version: January 2019.

“Love, Money, and Parenting
How Economics Explains the Way We Raise Our Kids.”

With Matthias Doepke. Princeton University Press.
Publication date: February 2019.

“Demand Forces of Technical Change: Evidence from the Chinese Manufacturing Industry.”

With Andreas Beerli, Franziska J. Weiss, and Josef Zweimueller.
This version: March 2018.

“From Imitation to Innovation? Where is all That Chinese R&D Going?”

With Michael König, Zheng Song, and Kjetil Storesletten
This version: April 2018.

“Private Affluence and Public Poverty:
A Theory of Intergenerational Predation through Debt.”

With Kjetil Storesletten, and Zheng Song.
This version: April 2016.

“Business Cycles during Structural Change.”

With Kjetil Storesletten, and Bo Zhao
(draft in preparation).