General Resources

Diverse Mentorship – Five Types of Mentors

What to Expect – Mentorship Basics

Make the Most of Your Time Together – Keys to Effective Mentoring

Resources for Mentors

Found a mentee? Here are some resources to help guide first conversations.

Aims – Student Goals for Mentorship

Strategize – Potential Mentorship Strategies

Mentorship Advice – Helpful Suggestions

First Impressions – Mentor Starting Materials

Looking for advice in your subject area?

Medical – Questions for Premed Mentees

Law – Questions for Prelaw Mentees

Business – Questions for Business Mentees

Engineering – Questions for Engineering Mentees

Humanities – Questions for Humanities Mentees

Physical Sciences – Questions for Physical Sciences Mentees

Resources for Mentees

Need help finding a mentor? Start here.

Beginning – How to Find a Mentor

Found a mentor? Here are some resources to help you get the ball rolling.

First Impressions – How to Talk with Mentors

First Conversations – Starter Topics and Questions

Looking for advice in your subject area?

Medical – Questions to Ask Medical Student Mentors

Law – Questions to Ask Law Student Mentors

Business – Questions to Ask Business Mentors

Engineering – Questions to Ask Engineering Mentors

Humanities – Questions to Ask Humanities Mentors

Physical Sciences – Questions to Ask Physical Sciences Mentors