How to Become a Mentor

Are you a Yale graduate/professional student or postdoc interested in guiding curious and driven undergraduate students through their academic journey? Becoming a GUMI mentor is an excellent way to provide your experience, wisdom, and advice to undergraduates curious about graduate/professional school. Your experience is incredibly valuable and can make a huge difference in the academic life of an undergraduate – we invite you to post a GUMI mentor listing. The process is quick and easy!

    1. Review the GUMI Code of Conduct.
    2. Post a GUMI mentor listing through our dynamic database. Your listing will be approved and posted shortly.
    3. When an interested mentee reaches out to you, confirm within 72 hours. You’re now a mentor!
    4. When you have taken on the number of mentees you feel comfortable with, indicate on your listing that you are now unavailable.
    5. Set up a virtual meeting with your mentee. We will provide conversation starters, but the specifics of your mentorship relationship are up to mentors/mentees to decide; you can meet as periodically as you both would like, and your meetings can be as structured or as freeform as you are both comfortable with.


When you graduate, or are no longer interested in being a GUMI mentor, please delete your listing. We – and your undergraduate mentees – thank you for your time and effort.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, please feel free to contact us here. We’ll get back to you shortly!