Indian Papers Project Receives Three-Year Grant From the National Endowment for the Humanities


YIPP editors are happy to announce that the Project has been awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities’ Scholarly Editing grant that will extend their work in Massachusetts for three more years.  Taken together with the Mellon/CLIR and National Archives grants, the editorial efforts will last more than four years, adding 1,650 documents to the New England Indian Papers Series.

The Massachusetts Collection will create a critical base of historical documentation assembled from primary source materials on the Native Americans who lived within the geographical limits of the colonies of Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay, their history, culture, and long interactions with Euro-Americans in what is now the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The documents range from first contact to 1869.

The NEH effort will produce several thousand high-quality images, 900 typographical facsimile transcriptions, and regularized annotated transcriptions of Massachusetts Native community primary source documents from The Massachusetts Archives, Harvard University Library, Connecticut State Library, The National Archives of the United Kingdom, and Yale University Library.

The sequence of the CLIR/NHPRC/NEH grants allows editors to build productive relationships with Indian communities throughout the Commonwealth by laying the groundwork for a process that includes Native participation in the selection, annotation, discussion, and presentation of Project materials.

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