A Beautiful Museum



” It was a beautiful museum. It was a beautiful big museum. I loved that museum.”

That’s how I feltĀ  welcoming the participants of this year’s summer teacher institute to the galleries today. We began in the Entrance Court and I was sitting with this view of Barbara Hepworth’s Biolith.




Here’s what I wrote in my sketch journal:

How many people has she greeted? What thoughts has she shared? How long does it take for her quiet scratches, glances, shadows to show themselves?


What were you thinking about today? Did the building, the collection, the conversation speak to you in some way? Let us know!


12 thoughts on “A Beautiful Museum

  1. Thank you for today. Surrounded by art, inspired by facilitators & peers – I can’t wait for more tomorrow.

  2. Great first day at the summer teacher institute! Even though the long school year ended last week, I feel a sense of curiosity and renewal thinking ahead of creative projects for students in the fall!! Each time I enter the Yale Center for British Art, I feel reenergized!

  3. Cyra, it was a very fulfilling day… I loved it. It is always a special feeling when you share your experiences with intelligent, like – minded people. My “red group” has a wonderful array of educators who were forthcoming in sharing their ideas. Thank you for organizing this exceptional institute.

  4. The work today of the returning teachers was energizing. When I say work, I am referring to writing, talk, focusing, and learning. They all have come back for themselves. To experience what it means to be a writer, an artist, a thinker. They are ready to take on not only that work, but the hard work of translating this weeks experience into their teacher work. When we were in the exhibit Of Green Leaf, Bird, and Flower: Artists’ Books and the Natural World, I could sense the ideas being born as teachers listened to a curators process and observed the works in front of them. I look forward to watching and learning from them as they define book for themselves.

  5. Happy Summer Institute !!!!
    I am very excited to have time to reflect on my practices as a teacher and learner. A wise woman in my returning group expressed what I was thinking and feeling perfectly when she said “…when I bring myself into my classroom, my students stop and listen. I want my students to bring themselves to their learning”. I love listening to people who just get this education thing.

  6. My word at the end of today was: Inspired. I love my new sketch journal, already a precious friend. Felt so good to be drawing and writing and discussing paintings at length with teachers who speak the same language. Felt very sane in a world that feels insane much of the time. Thank you for holding the space for us to come together and share in this very human way. I look forward to the unfolding in coming days.

  7. Today was a great day. I feel reenergized, this was just what I needed at just the right moment. Along with being good for me, I want to share this experience with my teachers so our kids can reap the benefits. I have a lot of ideas running through my head , now I just need to figure out the best way to share and get at least one teacher on board….there is always at least one! Thanks for all you do!

  8. Today was absolutely brilliant. If I had to sum the day up in a word, inspiration would describe it all. I certainly hope that this experience does help me to “leave empowered” to spread visual literacy in my student teaching placement this coming fall. Thank you all for a wonderful day and I am very much looking forward to what is to come!

  9. Thank you for allowing us to explore, learn, and grow in the museum this week!
    My goal as an educator is to inspire my students and to foster a life-long love of learning. I am already seeing ways that I can incorporate art into the classroom in order to accomplish this goal, and to help shape dynamic, engaged learners and thinkers.

  10. How lucky I am to be able to be here! I’ve wanted to take part in this institute for years. Being inside the museum was completely different than being at school. I enjoyed the presentations throughout the day. Looking forward to getting a closer look at the artist’s books exhibit. I even went to the gift shop and bought postcards to send to friends. This feels like a real vacation for me! Thank you for this opportunity.

  11. Looking forward to another inspirational day! I am already thinking of ways to incorporate my new learning into my plans for this coming year.

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