Windshield and dashboard mounts are more versatile

Owning your first car is an amazing experience. It’s synonymous with absolute freedom. But to make the most of your new ride, you need useful car accessories. Whether it’s a safety or entertainment accessory, there are a few things that every car could use. For example, a power bank can ensure that you never run out of power, while a first-aid kit can help you to quickly handle an emergency. If you’re in the market for the most useful car accessories, here are the most epic gadgets.

  1. Car Mount

If your car didn’t come with a navigation system, a car phone mount is essential. It provides a simple and safe way to get directions, make calls, and use a phone’s voice assistant–like Siri. But phone mounts aren’t the same. Some work better with specific cars and phones.

There are two main types of car phone mounts: those that are installed on the dashboard or windshield and those that attach to your air conditioner vent. If your car has a regular air conditioner vent, you’ll have many car mounts to choose from. However, they don’t work with circular vents.

Windshield and dashboard mounts are more versatile. Some are attached using adhesive while some have a suction base. The former feature automotive-grade adhesive that won’t damage your car. However, they can’t be moved regularly because the adhesive wears out over time.

  1. Traction Mats

If the area you live in experiences harsh winters, it’s a good idea to get snow traction mats. Even if your car has tires that maximize grip, there’ll still be times when the snow is too deep. When it snows too much, or if ice forms under the snow, snow tires won’t be of any help. Sure, traction chains can be useful, but they take time to install and remove. Traction mats are the best solution when you’re stuck in snow. They create a gripping surface between the driving surface and your tires.

Traction mats are placed in the immediate path of any stuck wheels. They have high-traction surfaces built into both sides. They provide emergency traction for your vehicle’s tires in snow, sand, mud, and ice. They are suitable for all vehicles and help you to avoid the hassle of sliding, slipping, shoveling, or calling a tow truck. If your car isn’t deeply stuck, traction mats can get you moving again quickly.

  1. Car Desk

Being a student is hard. You have to study throughout the night and submit assignments fast. A car desk can help you get work done while you’re on the move. Having a strong surface to work from makes everything go smoothly–from note taking to taking lunch.

Of course, working from a car isn’t ideal because space is limited. But for many of us, it’s necessary. You may have an impromptu meeting or remember an assignment that’s due at the very last minute. That’s when a car desk comes in handy. But be sure to use it safely and responsibly.

The good news is that some accessories increase the value of your car, so you can get a better deal from title loan companies when you need money urgently. So, get a few for your car today..