YAPM is an edge-finding, transdisciplinary initiative for pharmacology & medicine

Across the ancient world, organic goods were ubiquitous and pervasive but are now almost exclusively lost to time. Humanistic approaches have partnered with neuroscience and psychology to examine sense and experience in antiquity, however, sound and sight have been privileged in the “Sensual Revolution” because our ability to access and characterize these ancient goods has been so very limited.

Thanks now to recent developments in the archaeological sciences (e.g. field-based organic residue analysis), we can bridge the humanities and sciences while connecting the past with the present in a seamless, transdisciplinary fashion to understand ancient organics like never before. Mute containers and paraphernalia now reveal their full story, unveiling organic goods that elucidate pharmacopeia, ecologies, economies, and socio-cultural practices. In turn, these new insights allow us to recover ancient technology and innovation while illuminating past human activities to both better understand the past and navigate the future.