About Us


Resonance is a annual conference for high school students (age 15+) in the New Haven area who want to learn more about current science topics. It is a day-long conference held on Yale campus. The inaugural event was held in November 2013, and welcomed 50 high school students onto Yale’s campus for talks by Yale professors, classes taught by Yale undergraduates and tours of science facilities.

Not sure Resonance is for you? Are you interested in meeting other students interested in science? Do you wish you knew more about science topics talked about in the news? Interested in what it means to be a science researcher? Then Resonance is for you.


About Synapse:
We are the outreach team for Yale Scientific Magazine, the oldest undergraduate science publication in the nation.  Our goal is to raise an interest and excitement about science in students of all ages, and to help students prepare to continue to study science after high school.  In addition to hosting Resonance, we co-host Science on Saturdays with Pathways to Science six times per year.