People at Yale University affiliated with Korean Studies


Hwansoo Kim
Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Hannah Shepherd
Assistant Professor of History

Daniel Botsman
Professor of History

Aaron Gerow
A. Whitney Griswold Professor of East Asian Languages & Literatures and Film and Media Studies

Grace Kao
IBM Professor of Sociology and Professor of Ethnicity, Race, and Migration

Chloë Starr
Professor of Asian Christianity and Theology

Angela Lee-Smith
Senior Lector II, Korean Language Program

Seungja Choi
Senior Lector II, Korean Language Program

Hyun Sung Lim
Lector, Korean Language Program

Seunghee Back
Lector, Korean Language Program


Library Staff

Jude Yang
Korean Studies Librarian

Allison Kim
Acquisition Assistant (Korean Emphasis), Technical Services


Visiting Scholars

Tian Li
Postdoctoral Associate in East Asian Studies and Lecturer in East Asian Languages & Literatures


Post-doctoral Associates/Fellows

Angela McClean
Postdoctoral Associate in East Asian Studies and Lecturer in Sociology

Eilin Pérez
Postdoctoral Associate in History


Graduate Students

Meera Choi
PhD student, Sociology

John G. Grisafi
PhD student, Religious Studies

S. Madeleine Han
PhD student, American Studies

Taylor Yoonji Kang
PhD student, Comparative Literature

Jiyeong Kim
PhD student, Linguistics

Eugene Kwon
PhD student, EALL and Film & Media Studies

Jusung Lee
PhD student, Religious Studies

Spencer Lee-Lenfield
PhD student, Comparative Literature

Zekun Zhang
PhD student, History



Undergraduate Students

Chloe Lee: Economics, 2023

Haze Yi: Film & Media Studies, History, 2023

Sam Ahn: Undeclared, 2024

Joy Yun: Neuroscience, 2024