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Other Studies

Secondary studies of Yale golf history

Les Hintz 1985 “Williams Lyons Phelps and Golf,” Lions Club of New Haven Golf Book For 1985. Pp. 4-5.
Les Hintz 1986 “Woolsey, Pryde, and New Haven Golf,” Lions Club of New Haven Golf Book For 1986. Pp. 10-11.

Bob Labbance 2005 “Pomp & Circumstance: Harry Vardon’s Trek Through New England,” GolfStyles Boston. March. Pp. 38-41.

Judith Ann Schiff 2001 “Fore! Yale’s Golf Course Was One of the Places Where the Sport Got Its American Start,” The Yale Alumni Magazine. April.

Jeff Donaldson 1997 “Golf and Man at Yale,” Seminar paper for English 469a (Professor Stone). 14 pages.

Paula D. Welch 1999 Silver Era, Golden Moments: A Celebration of Ivy League Women’s Athletics. Lanham, MD: Madison Books.

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