Opening this site. First English blog~

Dear readers,

This is my first English blog. Previously, I had a Chinese blog, but it was accidentally deleted. As a non-native English speaker, I welcome and highly appreciate any suggestions and feedback to improve my writing.

Recently, I was sick and felt both physical and mental pain. My life felt dull and gray. However, I am not one to give up easily. I believe in myself. I may feel sad, but I am also confident. I may feel pain, but I am also conscious. I may be lonely and poor, but I live a substantial and kind life.

I know that someday I will overcome these negative feelings. Someone will save me. Someone is waiting for me. Right? I hope so. Without hope, I cannot go on.

The pain I experienced was so intense that I stopped all my recent activities and decided to travel for several weeks. I am seeking danger, freshness, and kindness. I need to feel my existence.

When I return, I will continue my Ph.D. and my life. I am looking forward to discovering the answer to how I should live my life. Do I need to end it? God, can you give me a response? I feel lost now, really lost.

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