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Nursery Policies, Protocols, Forms

These policies are all available online for review via the Intranet. Go to “Yale New Haven” tab–> select “Policies”–> click on “Clinical Practice Manual” (third line)–> scroll down to “Women and Infants” and select.




General/Screening/Routine Care:

Infectious Disease

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

  • NAS pharmacy guideline: care of the newborn exposed to narcotic at risk for withdrawal, including recommended period of observation and scoring.



Policies Related to Breastfeeding:

1. Breastfeeding Policy YNNH

2. Guideline for Breastfeeding and Substance Use Updated Feb 2021

3. Expressing breastmilk

4. Management of plugged breast ducts

5. Management of breast engorgement

6. Management of sore nipples

7. Use of nipple shields

8. Guide to latching

9. Breastfeeding premature infants

10. Preparing and storing expressed breastmilk

11. Guide to weaning from breast feeding

12. Mastitis management


Refusal Forms:

1. Erythromycin eye ointment Refusal Form

2. Vitamin K Refusal form



1. Craniofacial Surgery Referral for Ear Molding

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