• Review these logistics videos before starting in the nursery, and have your EPIC set up. (if you cannot do this from home, please do so at the hospital)
    • EPIC for Nursery I: patient list
    • EPIC for Nursery II: preround, notes, orders, discharge
      • Please use .pedshospwellnewborn templates
      • We are unsharing all H&Ps and Discharge Summaries (the blue box ‘share w/patient’ below should be unselected so it is white). Also unshare Progress notes if they include sensitive info re mom
    • How to make follow up appointments for 150 Sargent Drive and Fair Haven Community Health Center
  • Be ready for clinical rounds at 8:30a (give yourself plenty of time to pre-round)
    • On mobile heartbeat: a) assign yourself to your patients and b) log on as active into the units: WP 8 Maternity, EP 47 Nursery, and WP 4 MSCU Nursery
  • We have arranged for you to round with a Lactation Consultant (LC) on Thursdays at 11a. Please set an alarm/reminder now so that you don’t miss this opportunity. You can meet the LC in their office, West Pavilion 802.
  • As described in the videos above, some pediatricians still round in the nursery. The EPIC list should autopopulate with only babies that you need to see. Use this QR Code if you need to figure out whether or not a pediatrician rounds in the nursery: Pediatricians who Round in the Nursery


The nursery is on West Pavilion 8.

The resident workroom (where you can leave your belongings) is on East Pavilion 4-7 (where there are also some newborns). To get there, you can take the east pavilion elevators to 4, or you can start on west pavilion and take those elevators to 4 and then walk over to the east pavilion (go towards Labor & Delivery first, then make a left and walk down a long wooden hallway). Follow signs to EP4-7, or the Obstetric Comprehensive Care Unit. Once on that unit, the work room right on the right. The code is 1 – 2 – 3

East Pavilion 4

Goals and Objectives of Rotation

  • Get a sense for normal variations (ie newborn exams, feeding history…)
  • Be proactive – tell your attending if you have any specific goals. Seek feedback



  • Sample signout email
  • Touch base with your attending at ~4p to discuss contingency planning, and email a brief signout at/after 5:00 pm with any active/anticipated issues to the daytime attendings, covering overnight attending, to the Bridgeport night resident team (M-Thursday), and to the next day attendings. (residents on amion; hospitalists on qgenda)
  • Please also assign any new babies born before signout to a team, and again divide new patients between teams when you arrive in the morning (this will help people know which babies to preround on)
    • Babies should be divided equally between team 1 and team 2
    • Please ‘assign attending’ each morning in EPIC so it is clear which ‘team’ the baby is on
    • Keep track of NICU transfers – attending name needs to be changed to a hospitalist so they end up on the EPIC list

Content Preparation



  • Attend noon conference and Intern academic half day (every other Thurs 1-3). The team will aim to pause/end rounds at 11:45 am. (Uncommon, but if a clinical situation arises that needs immediate attention, patient care is priority). You should return to the floor after noon conference and after academic half day to check in and make sure tasks are completed.
  • You do not need to return to the floor after clinic.

*The Stanford Image Gallery is a great resource for newborn physical findings during your rotation. The same group published a book with even more images that can be found in the EP4 workroom.

ABP Content specific to well newborn care

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