Win $10,000 in Online Book Club’s Poetry and Art Contest

Most people love to read, yet successful authors are few and far between. Writing and art have, in general, been considered difficult careers pursued only by those who have accepted that there will be a long and tumultuous path to fame and fortune.

Yet, with the expansion of the Internet into more creative spaces, creators have been able to meet and engage with audiences and vice versa. This modern connectivity offers unique avenues for those looking to make a name in their chosen craft.

Poetry and Art Contest

The “starving artist” diatribe is dated and worn. These days, creators have new ways of being discovered and appreciated. One of these is the Poetry and Art Contest held by Launched by Scott Hughes, the founder of the site, this competition is set to award over $10,000 in prize money to participants.

Unlike some other contests that require a deposit or entry fee, this contest is free to enter and open to all writers and artists. The submission categories are short stories, poems, visual art, and songs. That said, submissions must be original and previously unpublished. Participants are also limited to only one entry each.

The top winners for each category will be awarded $1,000 each, with other chosen participants receiving prizes of $100 or more. Furthermore, participants may have their first chance to see their work in print, as the chosen pieces will be collated and published in a highly publicized anthology.

Competitions like these are valuable opportunities for amateur artists and authors to get their foot in the door of a tough industry. They can not only be inspired by interesting themes, but also square themselves up against their peers, and present their talents to a massive audience. And, since it costs nothing to submit, there is a low barrier to entry.

A Voice for Authors

Supporting writers is a calling for Scott Hughes and one of the reasons why he created As a published author, Hughes is aware of the struggles and hardships faced by many writer and artist hopefuls. He has written poetry, short stories, novellas, and self-help books, and seeks to guide others to pursue their dreams and get published.

To this end, the online book club platform is extremely welcoming and supportive to new authors who are trying to get a leg up in readership. There is a dashboard specifically for authors—with published or unpublished books—where they can submit their books to be reviewed by one of the reputable reviewers and community leaders on the site.

If you are a new author, putting your book up for review can be scary. After all, are you ready for the honest opinions and critique of your painstakingly created work? However, not receiving a truthful professional review before sending your book out into the world could be even more damaging. Hence, many new authors trust the seasoned reviewers of the online book club to provide constructive feedback about their submissions.

And, if the books turn out to be well received by reviewers, then authors can have their books and relevant reviews featured on the curated site for the members to view. With over two million active members, the audience size and selling power of can be a driving force that lifts an author up from the depths of obscurity.

For the Love of Books

With its support of authors, it could be easily mistaken that is merely geared towards advertising and promotion. But this could not be further from the truth. Established over 15 years ago, the platform evolved from the love of books and reading. Before we had smartphones, the site was already allowing people from all over the world to get together and partake in the book club experience for free.

Discussions on the online book club forums range from whether characters are likable to realism in certain scenes and how readers would react if they were in similar situations. Because the online experience is not constrained by time and location, readers can weigh in on various topics and have discussions in far more depth than you could in a physical book club.

The opinions of members also take precedence in the online book club as they nominate and vote for their “Book of the Month.” After reading books, members can rate them on their Bookshelves dashboard and submit their sentiments to be read by other users. The truthfulness of the site’s review team is crucial to maintaining the integrity and quality of the platform, and thus there is no question of biased or “bought” reviews.

The arts should leverage the power of the Internet in this time of connectivity and creativity. An online poetry and art contest can help propel aspiring writers and artists into new horizons. At the same time, supportive community platforms such as provide the means for writers and readers to participate in a mutually beneficial relationship and continue to foster the love of books.