Ways for Startups to Stand Out

Startups are a dime a dozen these days. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have gone into business for themselves, starting up small companies in a variety of industries. Sadly, a successful startup is one in a million. With established businesses hoarding a large proportion of the market, it can be difficult for new small businesses to find their footing. Although businesses can fail due to a myriad of reasons, being unremarkable and generic is often top of the list.

Be Innovative

Contrary to common belief, being innovative is not merely a step in creating a product or a service. The truth is: innovation is a mindset. A business with a culture and mindset of creativity and innovation can better solve problems, come up with game-changing concepts, increase productivity, and stay a step ahead of the rapidly evolving business marketplace.

Instead of mimicking the worn-out practices of older businesses, innovation can help startups to look at issues in a different light. Hence, they can develop modern, better, and more efficient ways to achieve results. This allows startups to be ahead of the curve and carve out their niche instead of simply becoming carbon copies of existing businesses.

In fact, having an innovative mindset is so important that many businesses now turn to companies such as Innovation Ecosystem to gain the necessary skills and tools to create a more agile organization. In a world that is constantly looking forward, a robust innovation strategy can help a business to embrace a novel approach and open the door to unlimited potential.

Innovation is not only applicable to problem-solving or the creation of new products and services. An innovative work culture means that all levels of staff are encouraged to have a voice and participate in the sharing of ideas. This not only benefits your employees, who feel a greater stake in the business, but also fosters the free flow of thoughts and concepts, one of which may become your next big thing.

Be Seen

It is no use having a wonderful product or service if nobody knows about it. Therefore, being seen is an integral part of a successful business. Many startups choose to focus on small-scale local marketing and believe that a minimal online presence is sufficient. However, in this digital age, a company’s online presence matters more than ever. Many successful brands even start online promotions before their physical offerings are launched.

Brand identity is essential for businesses, particularly startups, to promote their unique selling points. Having a strong online presence allows businesses to exhibit their brand identity and control their brand voice. This consistency in communication helps businesses to build a reputation with customers and their communities.

According to studies, 63 percent of shopping occurrences begin on the Internet. This means that businesses need to make an impression on their potential clients before they even know they exist. With an increasing number of people using their mobiles to search for products and services, it is likewise integral that business websites are optimized for mobile users.

Because the digital landscape is highly competitive, search engine optimization or SEO can help new websites become more visible in search results. In addition, fast loading and easy to navigate site designs can encourage customers to browse longer and make purchases. Websites present excellent ROI, especially for startups with limited marketing budgets.

Be Memorable

A company’s online presence should extend past the standard corporate website to various social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Social media is an effective way for businesses to reach and connect with a wider audience. With consumers preferring to hear from authentic identities over corporate brands, social media can help businesses to form relatable relationships with their clients.

Consumers these days are spoiled for choice and will be more inclined to support companies whose values align with theirs. Businesses can become more memorable by supporting causes and giving back to their communities. Aside from plain philanthropy, companies can learn from brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, who come up with creative campaigns to encourage action for social causes.

Just as businesses want attention, customers love to feel seen as well. Sincere engagement and extraordinary customer service is a surefire way to become memorable to your clients. An unexpected gesture such as a personal birthday greeting, a thoughtful freebie, or an out-of-the-way delivery can delight clients and form a lasting impression. In turn, these clients will be more likely to turn to you for future needs.

There is no denying that starting a new business or trying to grow your existing business in the current climate can be challenging. That said, the relentless evolution of the modern marketplace offers enormous opportunities for those who dare to seek them. By being unique and take advantage of their points of difference, businesses can give themselves an edge over the competition and stand out from the crowd.