Twelve Favorite Cities Among Foreign Real Estate Buyers

Several cities and regions around the world are well-known for attracting foreign buyers to their real estate markets. These markets are often considered desirable due to factors like economic stability, investment opportunities, lifestyle, and legal frameworks that allow foreign property ownership. Some foreign buyers are seeking to purchase another home for themselves in an area with a vibrant culture or attractive location. Other foreign buyers are investors seeking to purchase cash-flowing or appreciating properties in growing cities. Regardless of the purpose, there are some cities in the world that are especially popular with foreign real estate purchasers. Here are some famous real estate markets for foreign buyers:

New York City, USA

New York City, particularly Manhattan, has long been a popular destination for foreign real estate investors, thanks to its status as a global financial hub and cultural center. Not only is New York City one of the most popular traveling destinations in the world with a thriving nightlife and countless attractions, but this city is also known for having some of the most expensive luxury properties in the world, as seen on this website. Investors who purchase here enjoy appreciating properties and high demand for years.

London, UK

London is a magnet for foreign investors, especially those from the Middle East, Russia, and Asia. The city’s historical significance, stable political environment, and strong rental market make it attractive for both investors and purchasers seeking property for themselves. Having a second or third home in London makes sense for many business people as this is a convenient location for business transactions, a hub for those who frequently travel, and an important cultural center.

Miami, USA

Southern Florida, and specifically Miami, has been one of the fastest-growing areas in the US for several years. This area is popular both with those seeking a new home in a vacation destination as well as with investors. Miami’s real estate market is popular among South American and European buyers. Its warm climate, luxury properties, and favorable tax policies make it an appealing destination and it could soon become one of the most important cities for Latin American culture

Dubai, UAE

Dubai has a thriving real estate market that attracts investors from around the world. The city’s modern infrastructure and business-friendly environment make it a hub for foreign buyers. Dubai has grown at a rate much faster than most of the developing world and has modern amenities and offers a luxury lifestyle which many foreign purchasers are seeking. Because of the rapid growth and popularity of Dubai as a tourist destination, this city is also popular with foreign investors who are looking to purchase properties that will appreciate and create income.

Paris, France

Paris has always been a favorite among foreign buyers, with many investors seeking luxury apartments in the city’s upscale neighborhoods. Paris has a reputation for culture, luxury, and glamor which is unprecedented throughout the world. It is also one of the most visited cities, with travelers flocking to Paris throughout the year. This makes Paris a fashionable city for both second-home purchasers as well as investors.

Sydney, Australia

Australia, and particularly Sydney, is a sought-after destination for Asian investors, thanks to its stable economy, quality of life, and strong education system. Sydney is also one of the cultural centers of Australia and has an attractive temperate climate and active lifestyle. This city is popular with investors, especially those from China and other Asian countries, as it is known for being multicultural and welcoming.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver has been popular with Chinese investors, drawn by its natural beauty, quality of life, and relatively stable real estate market. In fact, Vancouver has been rated one of the top five cities for people to move to in part because of its excellent schools and driving economy. It also has a mild climate and beautiful views.


Singapore’s real estate market attracts foreign investors due to its political stability, strategic location, and vibrant economy. Singapore is becoming a financial hub and is also an attractive location for many expats from around the world who are seeking a new country to live in. The free trade economy and attractive tax laws are additional incentives to invest here.

Hong Kong

Despite its small size and high property prices, Hong Kong has long been a hotspot for real estate investment due to its role as a global financial center. In addition, Hong Kong is known to have very low crime rates and a high standard of living which is attractive for many people. Not only is Hong Kong a popular place for foreign investors, but it’s also popular with travelers and those seeking to explore other cultures.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has gained popularity among foreign buyers, particularly Europeans, due to its Mediterranean lifestyle, historic architecture, and relatively affordable property prices compared to other European cities. Barcelona is known for its diversity and thriving expat community which is welcoming to newcomers. and also provides a great climate, beaches, and thriving nightlife.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin has seen increased foreign investment, particularly from tech companies, driving demand for commercial and residential properties. It’s known as a great location for startups and tech companies as well as being a popular travel destination.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali has become a favorite location among foreign buyers looking for vacation homes and investment properties in a tropical paradise. It’s also popular among expat families looking to move to a city with a thriving culture and a low cost of living. People who can work remotely are especially attracted to areas with low cost of living as their income provides them with a luxurious lifestyle in these locations.


When investing in foreign real estate markets, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, understand local laws and regulations, and consider factors like currency exchange rates and taxation to make informed decisions. Additionally, consult with local experts, such as real estate agents and lawyers, to navigate the specific requirements of each market.