Tips for Building a Memorable Brand

Whether you’re working with Google Ads specialists or working from your computer at home, one of the most nerve wracking decisions that an entrepreneur must make is exactly what their “brand” should be. Having a memorable brand is important for the longevity of a business. An effective brand helps consumers to easily recall what type of goods and services your business provides and can even give clues about how high end the business is. Fortunately, in this digital age, you no longer have to fork out a hefty sum for traditional advertising strategies in order to get your brand out there.

Most online platforms offer spaces for advertisements and it is possible for companies to pick and choose where to display them. This is particularly effective as it increases the likelihood that the target demographic of the company will be more likely to come across the advertisement. Additionally, social media is another platform that more and more businesses are taking advantage of in order to advertise. Since the algorithms of the platform will often push the advertisements to people who are likely to be interested in your business, it allows businesses to gain a large customer base efficiently and effectively.

However, before one can run a successful marketing campaign, one has to carefully consider what their brand is. Brands go far beyond catchy tag lines and minimalist logos, often it also includes what exactly your company values and stands for and the image that you’re projecting to the world. Having a good brand could very well be the thing that makes or breaks a business, so here are some things you can take into consideration when coming up with it. 

Share Your Origin Story 

It’s not a stretch to say that the Covid-19 pandemic gave us a newfound appreciation for human connection. Due to the lockdowns and the reduced seating capacity because of safe-distancing measures, many small businesses had to close their doors either temporarily or permanently. This helped many of their customers to realize just how important these businesses had been to their community and often rallied together communities to do what they could to help them get back on their feet. However, despite this period of absolute economic chaos, many people are also seeing the possibility of turning their hobbies and skills that they discovered during lockdown into secondary (or even primary) sources of income. 

For many of these fledgling businesses, it is helpful to have a comprehensive origin story which covers what the brand stands for as well as what makes it special. As the world slowly begins to return to normalcy, more and more people are looking for a more personal connection from the businesses that they’re purchasing from. Whether you started your business using the chocolate chip cookie recipe that your family has passed down for generations, or you started making skateboards because you found it to be your passion, infusing your brand with these stories helps to connect you with customers and helps them to feel more personally invested in your business.

Be Open About Your Business Practices 

The internet, the ongoing climate crisis and the growing awareness of consumers about the cost of their spending habits has made for an increasingly socially aware and environmentally-conscious generation of shoppers. This has already begun to change the way that corporations are developing and marketing products as seen by the rise of vegan or plant-based substitutes in most food brands as well as the championing of companies that source and create their products in a sustainable manner.

Consumers are generally beginning to become more critical about what they consume and often encourage businesses to be more transparent about their practices. While there isn’t a need to get into the nitty-gritty details of production, it can help to give an overview on how you procure your materials as well as the hard work that goes into making the product. This allows consumers to make a more informed decision about your brand and may even encourage them to support your company.

While it may seem counterintuitive to show what goes on behind the scenes of a finished and polished product, this actually helps consumers to better appreciate the process and helps them to connect on a more personal level with your brand. As more and more artisans and small business owners are able to get their voices out there using their websites or social media, this has allowed more consumers to better understand and value the work that goes into making goods and services. 

Making a brand and making a name for your brand can certainly feel like a daunting task. After all, everything from the name to the logo and the color scheme of said logo can feel like a monumental decision that will affect the course of your businesses’ future. However, with enough research and the right resources, it is possible to carve out a place for yourself and to find a supportive community which will help your brand to flourish.