Regular Dental Visits: Are They Worth It?

How often do you visit your local dentist? Let’s face it, for most of us, we need dental check-ups on an “as needed” basis. According to the CDC, only 64% of adults above the age of 18, and 85% of children age 2-17 in the U.S scheduled a dental visit in 2019.

What you might not know is, for healthy gums and teeth, you need to visit your local dentist once every six months. People who regularly get dental checkups are less likely to experience serious dental issues that might require invasive treatment.  

It is also essential to note that regular visits to your dentist will not only help protect your oral health but your overall health as well. Some systemic diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes first become evident in the mouth.  A dentist conducting a regular exam will pick this up in good time and refer you to a doctor.

What are the Benefits of Regular Dental Checkups?

Regular dental checkups are not only important for strong healthy gums and teeth but may also help you save your hard-earned money in the long run. The following are some of the benefits of regular dental care.

Diagnosis of Oral Health Issues

During the dental checkup, your local dentist will check the health of your teeth and look for signs of cavities, infection, gum disease, oral cancer, and other dental issues. Depending on the evaluation, your dentist may also take X-rays to check for issues that are invisible to the naked eye such as jaw injury, cavities between teeth, bone decay, impacted teeth, and more.

Prevent Future Problems

Dental checkups may revolve around your teeth, however, there are other parts of dental health to consider. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a dental checkup is the dentist can spot health concerns that could turn into bigger problems in the future. If your dentist spots a cavity or notices your gums are not in shape, they may offer treatment immediately.

Learn about Oral Hygiene from the Experts 

Let’s face it. Not many of us know about proper dental hygiene. Most people only brush their teeth once a day and never floss. While it might not seem critical, it can lead to bigger issues down the line.

Healthy habits such as brushing your teeth after meals, and flossing once a day can help fight bacteria in your mouth. If you need a more personalized dental hygiene routine, then you must keep up with your dental checkups.

Get Rid of Bad Breath

According to Harvard Health, more than 30 percent of the population complains of some sort of bad breath or Halitosis. Having bad breath isn’t just a case of eating too many onions or morning breath. Halitosis occurs by repeatedly practicing poor oral hygiene. It is essential to consult a dentist since Halitosis isn’t a condition you want to diagnose and treat on your own.

A dentist will offer the right methods you can use to fix mouth odor. Depending on the examination, it may be a health condition that needs immediate attention.

How often Should I Visit a Dentist?

According to the American Dental Association, adults over the age of 18 need to schedule a dental exam at least once every six months or at intervals determined by a professional dentist. 

Dental checkups are essential when it comes to healthy gums and teeth. Also, in between dental visits, your dentist will advise you to keep your gums and teeth healthy. In case your teeth need more care, your dentist might suggest more frequent visits.

While visiting your dentist twice a year is a good rule of thumb, maintaining your unique smile depends on it. Ignoring dental issues, however small, could make them more complicated to treat in the future. Therefore, it is better, to treat them early, or better yet, prevent them, altogether.

Who Needs to See the Dentist More Often?

It is essential to note that some people need to see a dentist more than once every six months.  So, who are these people? Well, individuals who have a greater risk of dental disease or have other health complications may need to visit their local dentist once every three months. These higher-risk individuals include: 

  • Smokers: by staying on top of their regular visits smokers can benefit from regular oral cleaning keeping their gums healthy and clean. It also gives their dentist a chance to check for signs of oral cancer.
  • Pregnant women: Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that increase the chance of developing gum disease, which can affect the growth of the baby.
  • Diabetics: According to studies, treating gum disease can help improve a diabetic’s blood sugar control. Regular dental visits that boost oral hygiene, help lower a patient’s HbA1c.
  • Weak immune system: The mouth gets into contact with a huge number of germs every day. If a patient has a weak immune system, they will be more susceptible to germs. Regular visits to the dentist will help keep teeth and gums clean reducing the risk of germ infection.

So, what’s easier? Dealing with self-esteem issues because of poor-looking teeth, and having to endure invasive dental procedures, or picking up a call and visiting your dentist? Think of all the benefits, and how life-changing a perfect smile can be for you and your loved ones. Make the right choice!