Jobs Outlook for Marketing Graduates

Every company and brand require marketing skills to promote their enterprise. As technology advances, there seems to be an increase in demand for marketing skills, especially in the digital space. As a result, marketing graduates can use their skills in many different organizations, including a digital marketing agency.

Job Roles for Marketing Graduates 

There are several job opportunities for marketing graduates. Some of these job positions and the various skills required include:

Social Media Manager

These days, more people use the internet and have social media accounts. Brands, therefore, take advantage of this to create awareness and improve their visibility. A social media manager employs social media strategies for customer engagement. This involves creating content that informs, educates, and engages customers on various social media platforms. A social media manager must have social media expertise, understand social media analytics, and have content creation and community management skills.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives use their marketing skills to persuade potential customers to buy products and services from a company. They identify potential customers, their needs, and pain points and advertise their products using various sales strategies. They also perform functions like educating customers about products, maintaining relationships, and developing sales plans. A sales representative, therefore, must have sales skills, customer relationship management skills, and product knowledge.

Digital Marketing Executive

A digital marketing executive is responsible for several roles, which include creating, executing, and monitoring campaigns. They research audience types and present findings and ideas on beneficial product promotion strategies. They are usually involved in practical aspects of the campaign activities. Apart from these, they manage the performance of marketing campaigns, multimedia content, and social media campaigns and also monitor the campaign budgets. A digital marketing executive should have organizational, excellent communication, and project management skills.

Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst is a major player in marketing and decision-making. He researches new and existing markets to gain insights into market trends and consumer preferences. Market research analysts help the company maintain a competitive edge by providing data on market insights and foresight. They conduct surveys and assess feedback to generate information on meaningful market behavior, useful for product development and campaigns. A market research analyst should possess research and data skills, critical thinking skills, survey skills, and proficiency in data analysis tools.

Product Manager

A project manager identifies customer needs and designs products to meet them. Product managers focus on creating products to increase profits for the organization. This usually involves connecting all there is to make a product work, including product testing, overseeing product marketing strategies, and employing the right technology. Skills required are market research, product development, communication skills, and project management skills.

Other roles for a marketing graduate include media planner, content marketing manager, public relations specialist, advert account executive, event coordinator, marketing director, and media buyer among others. 

Tips For Building a Successful Marketing Career

While a degree gives you a HeadStart and background knowledge to begin a marketing career, the following tips will help ensure you are up to date with the trends while building strong repute and portfolio.

Get More Relevant Certifications.

You would have an edge in the job market if you have the skills in demand. The online world is full of resources and platforms where you can hone your marketing skills in different areas with certifications. This will make your resume more attractive and open you up to more opportunities in your field as you get up-to-date skills.

Take Advantage of Internships.

Internships are necessary ways to have a professional hands-on experience in any field. Here, you get to learn, grow, and execute tasks. You also get to meet with professionals from whom you can learn and make valuable connections. You can also be lucky to be retained in the company of your dreams.

Build your Network.

Another way to grow in your career is by building your network. You can achieve this by attending conferences, seminars, and summits, both free and paid. You can also be part of online and offline communities where you learn about insights and new developments in your field.

Marketing Career Growth and Future Projections

An individual can climb up the marketing career ladder from junior roles to highly paid executive ones, depending on experience and expertise. Marketing will continue to be a lucrative field. As predicted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the marketing field should grow at a 10% rate from 2021 to 2031. Also, digital marketing skills such as search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media marketing will continue to advance and be in demand for as long as consumer needs and technology exist.

It is safe to say that the marketing career is a broad one. You can niche down and stick to the area you are most competent at. Upskilling in today’s world, especially with tech skills, is also a must to be relevant in the marketing industry.