Innovating the Solar Space: Clean Skies Technologies Takes a New Approach to Solar Installations

Shea Sueda’s first experience with the solar power industry was challenging, to say the least. He recalls doing a summer internship at a firm with a couple of his schoolmates: “We just grinded through that summer with zero training resources, zero mentorship, and little leadership.”

For an industry in which having capable representatives is so important, it was surprising that the business in question was still in operation. However, that’s just a testament to the degree to which the overall solar energy sector is booming. Which makes total sense; it’s a no-brainer to switch to cheaper, cleaner energy that hedges against rising electricity rates. With the $0 down ownership programs that Clean Skies Technologies is able to offer to qualified homeowners, 80% of their clients are now able to go solar with no money out of pocket; allowing the high and rising energy bill to be fully replaced with a lower solar payment that never goes up.

Seeing the industry’s potential, Shea and his three partners Chris Bless, Aria Hossein, and Justin Faiella realized that they could provide a far more valuable service if they created their own solar company by filling in the gaps that were missing in the industry; namely emphasis on integrity, honesty, and ethics. They were still finishing their last semester in Business School at Arizona State University when they founded Clean Skies Technologies, and have been able to utilize their specialized curriculum and massive network to outpace the growth of their competition. 

In less than two years, the company has grown exponentially to become an 8-figure business operating throughout over 40 states and has earned the respect of both clients and competitors alike.

What’s Different About Clean Skies Technologies? 

The main factor contributing to Clean Skies Technologies’ exploding growth is premium customer service.

“The industry’s best customer service” is Clean Skies Technologies’ top goal and, so far, they’ve lived by it:

“We are proud of having only five-star reviews. We understand that we are our clients’ trusted ally in their transition to cheaper, clean energy and this level of customer satisfaction stems from our culture of honesty, integrity and dedication throughout the entire process.”

Unlike other companies, Clean Skies Technologies’ representatives are more than just salespeople. Rather, they are true expert consultants..

In Shea’s words: “With other companies, once the salesperson gets the client to sign the agreement, the client never hears from the rep again. Our salespeople provide attention after the sale and solve problems 24/7 throughout and beyond the installation process.”

But providing an all-around five-star experience for their clients goes beyond good customer service.

There are more than 1,000 utility companies in the United States, each with its own tariff structure and technology, which an install partner needs to know like the back of their hand in order to do the best and most efficient project possible.

Clean Skies Technologies has created the deepest and most diverse roster of top local and state focused installing partners. This network gives them an advantage over their competitors because they can rely on the expertise and experience that only local installers are able to afford. This is also in addition to being able to provide any equipment or capabilities that one of their many other installers and manufacturers are able to access..

Currently, Clean Skies Technologies has partnered with more than 30 local and regional installers, who are all experts in the intricacies of the electric industry of every locale. In Shea’s words: “We have focused on primarily partnering with local highly rated installers because they generally do a better job in terms of project timelines, project quality, and communication. National installers lack the local expertise and experience that it takes to do the right job in the right amount of time. We pride ourselves on the fact that our relationships with our clients are on a name by name basis, and not just the standard ticket number system.”

“As we continue to scale, we keep adding installers with top customer reviews after thoroughly vetting their expertise and quality. With the amount of volume we do, we get our solar at wholesale, always at far better than what installers offer directly to consumers. Because of our standard of competitive pricing, we nearly always beat our competitors pricing. Even if they’re an installer. It is our job to pick the right installer, financier, and manufacturers for each individual project, ensuring that our clients get the best possible system at the best possible rates,” Shea adds. 

A Rep-Centered Company That Respects Clients and Collaborators

Another core value of theirs is ‘Respect.’ Respect for their clients, but also for their collaborators and representatives.

Shea explains: “We pay our representatives well above the market’s average because there’s enough money in the industry not to be cheap about commissions and, to retain the best representatives, you need to pay them what they deserve.”

“We are a rep-centered company. We invest a lot of time and money in training our reps to help them become the best they can be. We as owners also continue to directly train our reps out in the field because we understand that the definition of leadership is leading by example. We can’t expect our representatives to do a job that we’re not willing to do ourselves.

Clean Skies Technologies has made a six-figure investment in a partnership with Knockstar University: “We are part of Knockstar’s mentorship program, which provides us with all these training resources for our reps. Taylor McCarthy and Danny Pessy, two of the best solar salespeople and trainers in the United States, are our company’s direct mentors,” Shea reveals. “There is nothing more important to us than the level of value we provide to our customers and to our team. We’re all in this together.”

Shea Sueda and his team have also nurtured a positive environment for their collaborators: “We have made an effort to create a team mentality within the company. We are all friends that have fun working together as a part of a team, and we make sure that everybody eats. In this burgeoning industry, with solar getting bigger and bigger everyday, there is no need for people to be greedy since there is enough money to go around.”

Clean Skies Technologies’ mission is to improve homeowners’ lives by saving money on home and business owners energy expenses for $0 down, decreasing their reliance on fossil fuels, and providing the best/easiest possible customer experience.

Clean Skies services 38 states across the country so if you’re interested in helping the planet and owning your energy by transitioning to solar for $0 down or if you want to explore a job opportunity, you can add them on Instagram at Clean Skies Tech and send them a DM, or visit Clean Skies Technologies website to learn more and set up a free consultation.