Lab welcomes new postdocs Yuan and Shengyuan.

Today we welcome two new members of Wang Lab, Dr. Yuan Zhang and Dr. Shengyuan Dang.

Yuan majored in Clinical Medicine during his undergraduate studies at Southern Medical University in China. Then, he received his degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine in Surgery at Fudan University in China. During his doctoral study, by using neuro-behavioral tests, immunofluorescent staining, transcriptome/epigenome profiling in a mouse model, he identified several subtypes of microglia/macrophages involved in the progress of chronic ischemic stroke. In particular, he found that a subclass of Apoe+ microglia/macrophages were involved in the pathways of lipid metabolism and the phagocytosis of cell debris. In addition, he was also trained in the Department of Vascular Surgery, and is familiar with several common vascular diseases, including varicose vein, carotid artery stenosis, abdominal aortic aneurysm and others. Now as a postdoctoral associate in Wang lab, he is interested in many lines of research based on our imaging-based methods development, and would also love to learn instrumentation of microscopes, imaging data analysis and computational tools developed in the lab and in the field. In his spare time, he enjoys watching comedies, magic tricks, listening to music and playing board games.

Shengyuan recently received his PhD from Peking Union Medical College, Tsinghua University. His major was microbiology and he focused his study on virus evolution and omics research. From his past research, he accumulated extensive expertise in bioinformatics and next-generation sequencing technologies. As a postdoctoral researcher at Yale, Shengyuan is very excited to learn and use chromatin tracing, RNA MERFISH, MINA and other spatial multi-omics methods in his research in Wang lab. In his spare time, Shengyuan loves jogging, watching movies and music live house, especially rock music live house shows. He also is a foodie, enjoys cooking, and seeks new food experiences.