Tyler wins NIH F30 award; Miao receives invitation to talk at Gordon Research Seminar; Ruihuan gets PhD offers from 3 top schools.

Several pieces of great news today:

First congratulations to Tyler on winning an NIH F30 award! This is the very first NIH graduate fellowship we have in our lab. Quite a milestone.

Second, congratulations to Miao who received an invitation to speak at the Gordon Research Seminar “Genome Architecture in Cell Fate and Disease” on June 11th, 2023. This is a very selective seminar and there will only be about 10 talks. Miao’s will be one of them.

Third, Ruihuan has received PhD offers from all three schools she interviewed at: Columbia University, Cornell University, and Washington University in St. Louis. Will be fun to choose among these top schools in biology and medicine.

Congrats to you all, Tyler, Miao and Ruihuan!