Lab welcomes new member Ruihuan Yu.

We are excited to have Ruihuan Yu, MSc joining us as a postgraduate research fellow. Ruihuan grew up and studied Clinical Medicine as an undergraduate in China. She recently graduated from Laurentian University with an MSc in Chemical Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry. During her graduate study, Ruihuan led a research on lipid overload-induced cardiac senescence. She examined the effects of H2S on protein acetylation and lipid overload-induced mitochondrial dysfunction, and revealed the regulatory mechanism of how H2S could prevent ageing- and obesity-related heart diseases. Ruihuan is extremely interested in our lab’s research on spatial transcriptomics and 3D genome organization with image-based spatial omics technologies including chromatin tracing, MERFISH, and MINA. She is very excited to start this new chapter of her research career in Wang lab. Besides science, Ruihuan enjoys working out, reading, exploring delicious food, and playing Ping-Pong. At Yale, she also hopes to find new friends to learn swimming together. Welcome to our lab, Ruihuan!