Lab welcomes new member Dr. Patrick Morley Willoughby.

We are excited to have Dr. Patrick Morley Willoughby joining us as the very first postdoctoral fellow of Wang Lab. Morley was born and raised outside Toronto, Canada and recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a PhD in Cell and Systems Biology. Prior to graduate school, Morley obtained his Honours BSc in Biology from Western University in Ontario. During his doctoral studies, Morley investigated Rab proteins and endosomal biology during epithelial morphogenesis in the early zebrafish gastrula. Specifically, Morley found the epithelial restricted GTPase, Rab25, contained functions related to both local cell behaviours, such as cytokinetic abscission, as well as global tissue material properties including epithelial viscoelasticity. Morley is incredibly excited to begin a new chapter of studies involving spatial transcriptomics and 3D genome organization in Dr. Wang’s lab. Besides science and experiments, Morley enjoys golfing, appreciates food, nature and loves catching up with friends and family on weekends. Welcome, Morley!