Lab welcomes new rotation student Klarissa Hollander.

Klarissa is a first-year PhD student in the BQBS track of Yale’s BBS program.  She was born and raised in Southern California and recently graduated with a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in Biochemistry from Brandeis University.  In her undergraduate research, she studied the dynamic regulation of Abl kinase to better understand the evolution of regulation in the non-receptor tyrosine kinase family.  Specifically, she focused on the interplay between inactivation by myristoylation and activation by phosphorylation.  In her graduate work, Klarissa hopes to broaden her horizons and make clinically relevant discoveries.  She is excited to work with Dr. Wang to learn microscopy techniques and contribute to a better understanding of the structures and interactions which regulate gene expression.  Outside of the lab, Klarissa enjoys baking (both breads and pastries), knitting, and singing with her friends. Welcome, Klarissa!