Lab welcomes new rotation student Leonard Schärfen.

Leo is a first-year PhD student in the BQBS track at Yale BBS. He grew up in Berlin, Germany and obtained undergraduate and Master’s degrees at TU Dresden in Germany. In his undergraduate research, he worked on developing an in vitro evolution system to engineer receptor-recombinase fusion proteins with altered ligand responsiveness. During his Master’s research, he first worked on TIRF-based single-molecule FRET, where he probed structural fluctuations of a DNA hairpin structure when combined with interacting proteins. Then, he switched to in vivo single-molecule imaging in Escherichia coli bacteria. Using single-molecule tracking PALM, he investigated diffusive behavior and temporal dynamics of key regulators of the SOS response, the gene network contributing largely to emergence of antibiotic resistance.  For his graduate research, Leo is mostly interested in large-scale cellular analyses such as genome-wide sequencing or profiling experiments, as well as applications of advanced microscopy techniques. Outside of the lab, he enjoys visiting classical music concerts at the Yale School of Music, as well as playing volleyball and the piano. Welcome to the lab, Leo!